The European multi-industry collaboration project to collate best practices and develop risk-based methods for the management of physical assets. EC Eureka Project EU1488

What was the MACRO Project?

The MACRO Project was a 5-year, $2.5 Million R&D programme exploring and developing best practice in risk-based industrial decision-making. Leading European companies from many sectors collaborated to find and share the best methods for setting Asset Management strategies, particularly when hard data is limited or unavailable. The resulting suite of best practice guidelines, education and decision-support tools comprise a radical change in approach: they show how the existing 'tacit knowledge' of technical staff can be captured in a structured form, how uncertainty in assumptions can be explored to determine what, if any, data is worth collecting in the future. Most importantly, however, they provide a robust, flexible set of methods to quantify and optimize over 40 different types of asset management decision, with a full audit trail and instant "what if?" ability to explore alternatives.
Target Areas
  • Asset Life Cycle Costing: project evaluation, equipment replacement, life extension, change control & modifications.

  • Maintenance Optimization: evaluating preventive maintenance strategies, optimum intervals, legal/safety compliance, environmental constraints.

  • Inspection & Condition Monitoring: setting inspection, monitoring & test intervals, optimal condition reaction points, cost/benefit of monitoring methods.

  • Work Grouping & Shutdown Strategy: evaluating optimal task groupings, shutdown intervals and opportunities.

  • Materials & Resources: cost/risk optimization of slow-moving spares, consumables, supplier comparisons, materials pooling and alliances.
Asset Management Topics  
Who was involved?
  • Anglesey Aluminium
  • Asset Performance Tools
  • Brown & Root Energy Services*
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • ICI Eutech
  • Institute of Asset Management
  • Intevep
  • National Power
  • Railtrack
  • Shell Norway
  • The National Grid Company*
  • The Woodhouse Partnership*
  • UK Government (DTI)*
  • Yorkshire Electricity*
* Core Sponsors
APT software: leading edge decision-support tools

The APT software suite was commissioned by the MACRO Project to help in making decisions in complex cost/risk/performance areas - particularly when hard data is uncertain or unavailable. Each tool covers a range of decision types, forcing the right questions to be asked, providing guided methods for capturing 'tacit knowledge' and performing instant "what if?" calculations to determine the optimal compromise solution. APT software has now been used in over 20 countries and most industry sectors, consistently identifying major business improvement opportunities and quantifying the optimal strategies. APT comprises a modular toolkit that can be used as free-standing decision utilities, or integrated into company-wide core business management systems. The software is now licensed, distributed and supported by Decision Support Tools Ltd, and a network of international consultancy and training organisations. Select one of the individual module names below for more information:
The MACRO Navigator

MACRO developed decision flow-charts that were converted into interactive guides. Click here to use the decision navigator that identifies which analytical method should be used in which circumstances.

Training Courses

A selection of training courses in risk-based decision-making have been developed and are widely acknowledged as the leading source of expertise in the subject. These cover generic concepts, specific problem types and usage of modern decision-support tools. There are also consultant/facilitator courses and 'train-the-trainer' programmes available. For more information, please contact The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd on: + 44 (0) 1635 299200 or email: enquiries@twpl.com

Case Studies & Field Experience

The extensive case history library shows multi-million dollar benefits achieved in petrochemical, energy, utilities, manufacturing, transport and service sectors. Below are a few 'white papers' that describe some of the emerging experiences.

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